CFX University Founder Presents...

From working at a warehouse to full-time trading!

I've dedicated a great deal of my life mastering the charts, my physiology, and most importantly my habits. What I've been able to accomplish within the last few years has been a testament to what patience and mastering the charts can do. If you're serious about getting involved with Forex, my friend this webinar is for.

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December 21ST 2015

7pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

  • Duran Carter

    - CFX University Founder
    - Master Forex Trader
    - Trading Coach & Mentor

You're Going To Discover

  • The Quick Trader's Blueprint
  • A In-Depth lesson on the basics of the Forex Market
  • Improving Your Mindset and understand how to think like a trader
  • Introduction To Forex
WARNING: Space is limited. The workshop platform that we use only allows for 1,000 people to attend the training live and our live workshops typically fill up within the first few minutes.

So, Make sure you secure your seat

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